50% of men over 40

have some degree of erectile dysfunction.

​ED is not all in your head. It is not just a part of aging that you have to accept. It is a medical condition, so it should be addressed like one. In most cases, your erections will not improve without professional treatment. Talk to your doctor!

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction - the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activities - is common and can have multiple causes.

Treatment options range from simple measures such as changes in lifestyle and medication to drug treatments. Apart from tablets patients can be taught how to administer drugs directly into the erectile tissue of the penis. These substances can either be injected into the penis or inserted into the water passage. In both cases the erection occurs due to relaxation of muscle tissue inside the penis that will allow more blood to flow into the erectile bodies.

If drug treatment, injections and other non-surgical treatment are not successful in resolving erectile dysfunction, you and your partner may want to consider penile implant surgery.

A penile implant is concealed entirely within the body and requires some degree of manipulation before and after intercourse to make the penis either erect or flaccid.

There are different type of implants and you will need to consider personal preferences, lifestyle, medical conditions and ultimately costs.

Penile implants have helped thousands of men worldwide return to an active sex life, and studies show high satisfaction among patients and partners.

The following pages will show you different type of implants as well as possible risks and complications of the surgery.