Hidden or buried penis 

A common problem of larger male patients who express a desire for added length is the excess skin and fat that forms in the pubic area above the penis. A significant part of the penis becomes buried in a fat pad, - in extreme cases the entire penis can disappear in the fat.

Weight loss alone is usually not sufficient and only surgical removal of the fat can expose the penis in it’s previous length.

Many times liposuction alone will be sufficient to uncover the base of the penis if the skin is not excessive.

If there is excessive skin, it will need to be removed to obtain added length. The skin acts like a turtle neck sweater and covers the base of the penis. Removal of the skin should be combined with release of the ligament to achieve the best possible result. The skin removal is called a pubic lift/tuck, - it is not as extensive as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The incision is usually placed in the crease in the pubic area and improves with time. The surgery will expose the previously hidden penis.