Microsurgical vasectomy reversal

I specialise in microsurgical vasectomy reversal: the surgery will be performed under a state of the art, high-power operating microscope. This technique has advantages compared to conventional surgical methods of reversal surgery: the sutures used in the microscopic technique are only a quarter the thickness of a human hair, - those in the naked-eye procedure are about 8-16-times larger. The microscope allows precise alignment of the vas when joined through delicate sutures. Larger sutures - as used in the standard procedure without microscope - can sometimes cause blockade for sperm cells jeopardising the outcome of the procedure. 

In some men it might be impossible to connect the two cut ends of the vas; in such cases the microscope allows a joint between the vas and the much finer and more delicate structures of the epididymis in the same session.

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Microsurgical vasectomy reversal

A vasectomy is an operation to cut and seal off the tubes that carry sperm from the testis to the penis. It is an effective method of long-term contraception. Unfortunately, some men come to regret their decision at a later stage in their life.

Can my vasectomy be reversed?

Yes, most certainly. It is possible to reverse a vasectomy in most men by either joining the loose ends of the previously cut vas on both sides or by joining the vas to the epididymis.

What are the chances of success?

A successful operation depends on several factors: the time since vasectomy, the technique used to perform the surgery, the presence of sperm cell antibodies, the patient's general health and presence of risk factors (smoking, drugs, alcohol etc.) and the partner's age and fertility. In general, the less time has passed since the vasectomy, the better the chances of a successful reversal.