Hormone replacement therapy 

Testosterone therapy can have many benefits including increased libido, mood and energy. However, it is not a magic bullet to treat signs of ageing - only men who have symptoms of low testosterone levels, backed by blood tests to confirm this, should consider the type of therapy.

Symptoms of low testosterone

When testosterone levels drop to abnormally low levels you may experience:

  • diminished sex drive
  • erectile dysfunction (weak and poorly sustained erections)
  • decreased muscle mass
  • loss of body and facial hair
  • concentration difficulties
  • fatigue and low energy levels
  • irritability and/or depression

Safety precautions

While testosterone can be very beneficial when used appropriately, it needs to be taken with proper medical supervision. It is not safe for everyone and men need to be monitored carefully during treatment.

Testosterone replacement therapy can be carried out in various ways:

  • Gels - a clear testosterone gel needs to be applied once in the morning. It is absorbed directly through the skin
  • Injections and implants - intramuscular testosterone injections or soft-tissue implants will be administered in regular intervals (4-12-weekly)