If you are concerned about the health of your prostate do not hesitate to contact me. We offer both multi parametric MRI scans as well as precise and highly-skilled image-guided transperineal biopsies without any waiting time. Please arrange an appointment through either the SPIRE Yale Wrexham or the Nuffield Hospital Chester

There are several tests that provide information on the health or your prostate. Finger examination and PSA blood test are still the most basic tests that can raise concern that your prostate may harbour malignant cells. 

Abdominal and transracial ultrasound can be helpful in measuring the size of your prostate. 

Over the past couple of years specific MRI scans (so-called multi parametric MRI) allow an accurate assessment of the prostate. These scans interpreted by a highly skilled and experienced radiologist allow us to identify any areas of concern inside your prostate. 

Based on rectal examination, PSA and multi parametric MRI we will be able to decide whether more invasive investigations will be necessary to determine whether your prostate contains cancer cells.

After all - despite all the advances in imaging - a prostate biopsy remains the only test that can confirm the presence of cancer cells inside the prostate.

Traditionally prostate biopsies are being carried out under ultrasound guidance through the back passage. 

In many cases - as a result of more detailed pre-biopsy imaging - we are able to offer a more superior type of biopsy - the so-called transperineal templated biopsy of the prostate. 

Transperineal biopsies are more accurate and allow us to target specific areas inside your prostate. The risk of infection is minimal (compared to the conventional transrectal prostate biopsy).