Making the long side shorter...

The penis can be straightened by shortening its longer side.

This can be accomplished by placing non-absorbable sutures opposite the curvature.

Advantages of this method include technical ease, decreased operating time, faster recovery and very little impact on erectile function. 

However, should the sutures break during the early phase of recovery patients may experience a recurrence of the curvature. Some patients can feel the permanent sutures and knots under the penile skin and describe them as uncomfortable. Most patients are concerned about some loss in penile length.

In the classical Nesbit's procedure we remove small elliptical wedges of tissue from the convex side of the penis and close the defects with sutures.

In modified procedures  such as the Lue 16-dot technique simple non-absorbable plication sutures are placed on the convex side of the penis. By tying the sutures and adjusting the tension the curvature can usually corrected very precisely.