How to arrange your virtual clinic appointment?

When arranging your first virtual clinic appointment please request a registration form.  Please email the completed form to

Please note that the consultation fee will need to be paid before the consultation. Please use PayPal:

Virtual Clinic 

At a time of "social distancing" during the current coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming more and more difficult to seek specialist advice or to attend hospital appointments.

I am happy to offer virtual consultations for private patients using online platforms such as Skype or FaceTime. 

This will allow a face-to-face consultation with evaluation of your symptoms and in-depth discussion of further investigations or treatment options.

In case you may need any medical tests, then these can be arranged swiftly in hospital.

A pre-arranged online consultation - using modern telemedicine - will provide you with a specialist opinion without having to leave the comfort of your home. You can rest assured that the details of your consultation will be recorded in your notes and the outcome of the consultation will be forwarded to your GP (just like in a normal consultation).

For patients living outside our regular catchment area, a virtual consultation will save you from travelling long distances to be seen in clinic. 

Please note that all patients who have not been seen before in either the SPIRE Yale hospital or the Nuffield hospital will need to complete a registration form before the first consultation can go ahead.​